Vol 11, No 2 (2009)

Fieldwork support

This issue of Anthropology Matters features an opening piece which presents the results of interviews with 16 PhD students concerning difficulties encountered during their fieldwork. The piece is both powerful and provocative, and will hopefully serve as an aid for thoughtful discussions in pre-fieldwork courses, post-fieldwork seminars, and departmental planning meetings. Anthropology Matters invited four academics to start the discussion by writing brief responses to Pollards account.

Table of Contents


Fieldwork support: introduction
Ingie Hovland


Amy Pollard
Response to Amy Pollards paper Field of screams: difficulty and ethnographic fieldwork
Christine Barry
Familiar screams: a brief comment on Field of screams
Sara Delamont
David Mills
Response to Amy Pollard
Judith Okely
Larissa Begley
Julie Soleil Archambault
Laura DeLuca