Vol 12, No 1 (2010)

Exploring and Expanding the Boundaries of Research Methods

This special edition of Anthropology Matters focuses on a fundamental question that virtually all social scientists encounter, namely how to conduct research on any given topic. Although this question appears straightforward at first pass, practical experience demonstrates the theoretical and pragmatic complexities involved in conducting research. For this special edition we are privileged to present papers from doctoral students and established academics.

The impetus for bringing together these diverse papers emerged after we organised an international conference on the same topic. The conference, aptly entitled Exploring and Expanding the Boundaries of Research Methods, took place over two days on 31 October and 1 November 2008.The high turn-out of attendees and the ensuing lively discussions indicated the timeliness and importance of research methods and their ethical implications.

Table of Contents


Inertia and innovation in inter-disciplinary social science
Paul Webley


Rethinking Research Methods: Introduction to the Special Edition
Robert Lawrence McKenzie, Mira Mohsini


Hayder Al-Mohammad
John Campbell
Suzanne M. Hall
Jennifer O'Brien
Ruth Goldstein
Sarah Rae Osterhoudt
Andrew Irving