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Anthropology Matters is an initiative developed by postgraduates and early-career anthropologists. The site aims to stimulate discussion on the production of anthropological knowledge through a focus on training, teaching, research and writing.

Anthropology Matters features an open-access academic journal, various anthropology resources, and an email list that distributes relevant information about jobs, conferences, etc. We encourage all those interested in anthropology to use and contribute to this website. You can register on this site to receive journal alerts, and you can join the email list.


Anthropology Matters is the official postgraduate network of the Association of Social Anthropologists of UK and Commonwealth (the ASA). Anthropology Matters received its start-up funds from the Centre for Learning & Teaching - Sociology, Anthropology & Politics (C-SAP), and is run by a steering committee of postgraduate researchers and early-career anthropologists.

The journal usually publishes two issues a year and submissions to the journal are welcomed. For further information about the Anthropology Matters journal please click on the relevant links on this page or email the editors at anthropology.matters(AT)


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Vol 14, No 1 (2012): Visibility: Representation and Recognition

Table of Contents


The Paradox of Representation and the Problem with Recognition: What Does it Mean to be Visible? HTML PDF
Laura Dixon, Jennifer Peachey


A Question Concerning the Visible HTML PDF
Jessica Kendall
Beautiful Barriers: Art and Identity along a Belfast Peace Wall HTML PDF
Bryanna T. Hocking
The Lines Between: Relational Subjectivities and the Practice of Observational Drawing HTML PDF
Jessica Taylor


Afterword HTML PDF
Petra Tijitske Kalshoven

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